Hermitian matrix model with non-trivial covariance and relations to quantum field theory

9 November 2021
Alexander Hock

Hermitian matrix models with non-trivial covariance will be introduced. The Kontsevich Model is the prime example, which was used to prove Witten's conjecture about the generating function of intersection numbers of the moduli space $\overline{\mathcal{M}}_{g,n}$. However, we will discuss these models in a different direction, namely as a quantum field theory. As a formal matrix model,  the correlation functions of these models have a unique combinatorial/perturbative interpretation in the sense of Feynman diagrams. In particular, the additional structure (in comparison to ordinary quantum field theories) gives the possibility to compute exact expressions, which are resummations of infinitely many Feynman diagrams. For the easiest topologies, these exact expressions (given by implicitly defined functions) will be presented and discussed. If time remains, higher topologies are discussed by a connection to Topological Recursion.

  • Random Matrix Theory Seminars