Thu, 26 May 2022
14:00 - 15:00
Mikhail Poluektov
University of Warwick

There is a wide range of problems in continuum mechanics that involve transformation fronts, which are non-stationary interfaces between two different phases in a phase-transforming or a chemically-transforming material. From the mathematical point of view, the considered problems are represented by systems of non-linear PDEs with discontinuities across non-stationary interfaces, kinetics of which depend on the solution of the PDEs. Such problems have a significant industrial relevance – an example of a transformation front is the localised stress-affected chemical reaction in Li-ion batteries with Si-based anodes. Since the kinetics of the transformation fronts depends on the continuum fields, the transformation front propagation can be decelerated and even blocked by the mechanical stresses. This talk will focus on three topics: (1) the stability of the transformation fronts in the vicinity of the equilibrium position for the chemo-mechanical problem, (2) a fictitious-domain finite-element method (CutFEM) for solving non-linear PDEs with transformation fronts and (3) an applied problem of Si lithiation.

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