Cluster algebra structures on co-ordinate ring of flag varieties

8 May 2007
Prof. Bernard Leclerc
&nbsp;<font SIZE="2"> Let G be a complex semisimple algebraic group of type A,D,E. Fomin and Zelevinsky conjecture that the coordinate rings of many interesting varieties attached to G have a natural cluster algebra structure. In a joint work with C. Geiss and J. Schroer we realize part of this program by introducing a cluster structure on the multi-homogeneous coordinate ring of G/P for any parabolic subgroup P of G. This was previously known only for P = B a Borel (Berenstein-Fomin-Zelevinsky) and when G/P is a grassmannian Gr(k,n) (J. Scott). We give a classification of all pairs (G,P) for which this cluster algebra has finite type. Our construction relies on a finite-dimensional algebra attached to G, the preprojective algebra introduced in 1979 by Gelfand and Ponomarev. We use the fact that the coordinate ring of the unipotent radical of P is &quot;categorified&quot; in a natural way by a certain subcategory of the module category of the preprojective algebra. </font> &nbsp;