Image of John, Ian and Dawid

Three Oxford Mathematicians, John Ball, Ian Griffiths and Dawid Kielak have won prizes from the London Mathematical Society (LMS).

John Ball (also of Heriot-Watt University) is awarded the De Morgan Medal for his multi-faceted and deep contributions to mathematical research and the mathematical community over many years, in particular by his seminal work on nonlinear elasticity, fusing two communities: the community of rational mechanics and materials science on the one hand, and the community of the calculus of variations and nonlinear elliptic systems on the other.  In the words of the citation "John Ball is a true role model for a mathematician".  Read the full citation here.

Ian Griffiths is awarded a Whitehead Prize for his many contributions and insights to a wide range of challenging questions in applied and industrial mathematics, which he has achieved using a combination of asymptotic analysis and numerical simulations, supplemented by outstanding physical understanding. Read the full citation here.

Dawid Kielak is awarded a Whitehead Prize for his striking, original and fundamental contributions to the fields of geometric group theory and low-dimensional topology, and in particular for his work on automorphism groups of discrete groups and fibrings of manifolds and groups. Read the full citation here.

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