Thu, 09 Feb 2023
14:00 - 15:00
Lecture Room 3
Ed Bueler
University of Alaska Fairbanks

I will start with two very brief surveys.  First is a class of problems, namely variational inequalities (VIs), which generalize PDE problems, and second is a class of solver algorithms, namely full approximation storage (FAS) nonlinear multigrid for PDEs.  Motivation for applying FAS to VIs is demonstrated in the standard mathematical model for glacier surface evolution, a very general VI problem relevant to climate modeling.  (Residuals for this nonlinear and non-local VI problem are computed by solving a Stokes model.)  Some existing nonlinear multilevel VI schemes, based on global (Newton) linearization would seem to be less suited to such general VI problems.  From this context I will sketch some work-in-progress toward the scalable solutions of nonlinear and nonlocal VIs by an FAS-type multilevel method.

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