The Maths + Cancer podcast is a personal exploration by Vicky Neale of the many ways that mathematics and statistics is being applied to cancer research across Oxford and beyond.

In the first four episodes, Vicky will discuss the relevance of maths to cancer with Philip Maini and explore the importance of the communication of risk with David Spiegelhalter. She’ll also be chatting with Medical Physicist Tom Whyntie about the role of mathematics in medical imaging and cancer treatment, and seeing how numbers might not tell the whole story with Hannah Fry.

You can listen to the first episode below and find out more via this link (including the hot-off-the-press second interview with David Spiegelhalter). The Maths + Cancer podcast is part of Cancer at Oxford which brings together the vast range of work that is being done in the University to increase our understanding of the many diseases that comprise cancer.

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