Tue, 13 Jun 2023
16:00 - 17:00

A C*-algebra has the lifting property (LP) if any unital completely positive map into a quotient C*-algebra admits a completely positive lift. The local lifting property (LLP), introduced by Kirchberg in the early 1990s, is a weaker, local version of the LP.  I will present a method, based on non-vanishing of second cohomology groups, for proving the failure of lifting properties for full C*-algebras of countable groups with (relative) property (T). This allows us to derive that the full C*-algebras of the groups $Z^2\rtimes SL_2(Z)$ and $SL_n(Z)$, for n>2, do not have the LLP. The same method allows us to prove that the full C*-algebras of a large class of groups with property (T), including those admitting a probability measure preserving action with non-vanishing second real-valued cohomology, do not have the LP.  In a different direction, we prove that the full C*-algebras of any non-finitely presented groups with property (T) do not have the LP. Time permitting, I will also discuss a connection with the notion of Hilbert-Schmidt stability for countable groups. This is based on a joint work with Pieter Spaas and Matthew Wiersma.

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