Seminar series
Mon, 12 Jun 2023
Thibault Decoppet

Fusion 2-categories were introduced by Douglas and Reutter so as to define a state-sum invariant of 4-manifolds. Categorifying a result of Douglas, Schommer-Pries and Snyder, it was conjectured that, over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero, every fusion 2-category is a fully dualizable object in an appropriate symmetric monoidal 4-category. I will sketch a proof of this conjecture, which will proceed by studying, and in fact classifying, the Morita equivalence classes of fusion 2-categories. In particular, by appealing to the cobordism hypothesis, we find that every fusion 2-category yields a fully extended framed 4D TQFT. I will explain how these theories are related to the ones constructed using braided fusion 1-categories by Brochier, Jordan, and Snyder.

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