Thu, 09 Nov 2023
12:00 - 13:00
Andrea Liu
University of Pennsylvania

In order for artificial neural networks to learn a task, one must solve an inverse design problem. What network will produce the desired output? We have harnessed AI approaches to design physical systems to perform functions inspired by biology, such as protein allostery. But artificial neural networks require a computer in order to learn in top-down fashion by the global process of gradient descent on a cost function. By contrast, the brain learns by local rules on its own, with each neuron adjusting itself and its synapses without knowing what all the other neurons are doing, and without the aid of an external computer. But the brain is not the only biological system that learns by local rules; I will argue that the actin cortex and the amnioserosa during the dorsal closure stage of Drosophila development can also be viewed this way.


Further Information

Andrea Jo-Wei Liu is the Hepburn Professor of Physics at the University of Pennsylvania, where she holds a joint appointment in the Department of Chemistry. She is a theoretical physicist studying condensed matter physics and biophysics.

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