Thu, 23 Nov 2023
Lecture Room 3
Oliver Hinder
University of Pittsburgh

We develop an algorithm for parameter-free stochastic convex optimization (SCO) whose rate of convergence is only a double-logarithmic factor larger than the optimal rate for the corresponding known-parameter setting. In contrast, the best previously known rates for parameter-free SCO are based on online parameter-free regret bounds, which contain unavoidable excess logarithmic terms compared to their known-parameter counterparts. Our algorithm is conceptually simple, has high-probability guarantees, and is also partially adaptive to unknown gradient norms, smoothness, and strong convexity. At the heart of our results is a novel parameter-free certificate for the step size of stochastic gradient descent (SGD), and a time-uniform concentration result that assumes no a-priori bounds on SGD iterates.

Additionally, we present theoretical and numerical results for a dynamic step size schedule for SGD based on a variant of this idea. On a broad range of vision and language transfer learning tasks our methods performance is close to that of SGD with tuned learning rate. Also, a per-layer variant of our algorithm approaches the performance of tuned ADAM.

This talk is based on papers with Yair Carmon and Maor Ivgi.

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