Seminar series
Tue, 10 Oct 2023
Alessandro Mininno
In this talk, I will discuss the dynamical consequences of having 1-form, 2-group and non-invertible symmetries in Argyres-Douglas (AD) theories.
I will first review how to construct (G,G') and D_p(G) theories from geometric engineering. Then, I will briefly introduce how 1-form symmetries are found in these AD theories, focusing on their dynamical consequences in the study of the Higgs branch for such theories.  Analogously, I will show how certain D_p(G) theories enjoy a 2-group structure due to a non-trivial extension between a discrete 1-form symmetry and a continuous 0-form symmetry, emphasizing the dynamical consequences that a 2-group structure entails, and the family of AD theories that have it. This analysis allowed us to "bootstrap" families of D_p(G) theories sharing the same properties. Finally, I discuss the presence of non-invertible symmetries in AD theories obtained by gauging the flavor symmetry of multiple D_p(SU(N)) theories. 


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