Thu, 09 Nov 2023
The Auditorium, Citigroup Centre, London, E14 5LB
Dr Xavier Brokmann
Qube Research & Technologies

This seminar is part of our Frontiers in Quantitative Finance. Attendance is free of charge but requires prior online registration.

Empirical studies consistently find that the price impact of large trades approximately follows a nonlinear power law. Yet, tractable formulas for the portfolios that trade off predictive trading signals, risk, and trading costs in an optimal manner are only available for quadratic costs corresponding to linear price impact. In this paper, we show that the resulting linear strategies allow to achieve virtually optimal performance also for realistic nonlinear price impact, if the “effective” quadratic cost parameter is chosen appropriately. To wit, for a wide range of risk levels, this leads to performance losses below 2% compared to the numerical Viterbi algorithm of Kolm and Ritter (2014) run at very high accuracy. The effective quadratic cost depends on the portfolio risk, but can be computed without any sophisticated numerics by simply maximizing an explicit scalar function.
Read more on this work here.


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