Thu, 07 Mar 2024
14:00 - 15:00
Lecture Room 3
Hirofumi Notsu
Kanazawa University

Many researchers are developing stable and accurate numerical methods for flow problems, which roughly belong to upwind methods or characteristics(-based) methods. 
The Lagrange-Galerkin method proposed and analyzed in, e.g., [O. Pironneau. NM, 1982] and [E. S\"uli. NM, 1988] is the finite element method combined with the idea of the method of characteristics; hence, it belongs to the characteristics(-based) methods. The advantages are the CFL-free robustness for convection-dominated problems and the symmetry of the resulting coefficient matrix. In this talk, we introduce stabilized Lagrange-Galerkin schemes of second order in time for viscous and viscoelastic flow problems, which employ the cheapest conforming P1-element with the help of pressure-stabilization [F. Brezzi and J. Pitk\"aranta. Vieweg+Teubner, 1984] for all the unknown functions, i.e., velocity, pressure, and conformation tensor, reducing the number of DOFs. 
Focusing on the recent developments of discretizations of the (non-conservative and conservative) material derivatives and the upper-convected time derivative, we present theoretical and numerical results.

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