Mon, 30 Oct 2023
16:30 - 17:30
Filip Rindler
University of Warwick

This talk presents some recent progress for models coupling large-strain, geometrically nonlinear elasto-plasticity with the movement of dislocations. In particular, a new geometric language is introduced that yields a natural mathematical framework for dislocation evolutions. In this approach, the fundamental notion is that of 2-dimensional "slip trajectories" in space-time (realized as integral 2-currents), and the dislocations at a given time are recovered via slicing. This modelling approach allows one to prove the existence of solutions to an evolutionary system describing a crystal undergoing large-strain elasto-plastic deformations, where the plastic part of the deformation is driven directly by the movement of dislocations. This is joint work with T. Hudson (Warwick).

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