Tue, 07 May 2024
Yan Fyodorov
King's College London

The scattering matrix in quantum mechanics must be unitary to ensure the conservation of the number of particles, hence their 
eigenvalues are unimodular.  In systems with fully developed Quantum Chaos  the statistics of those unimodular 
eigenvalues  is well described by  the Poisson kernel.
However, in real experiments  the associated scattering matrix is sub-unitary due to intrinsic losses,  and
 the moduli of S-matrix eigenvalues become non-trivial,  yet the corresponding theory is not well-developed in general.  
 I will present some results for the mean density of those moduli in the framework of random matrix models for the case of broken time-reversal invariance,
and discuss a way to get a generalization of the Poisson kernel to systems with uniform losses.

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