Tue, 21 May 2024
Gernot Akemann
Bielefeld University/University of Bristol

The ground state of N noninteracting Fermions in a rotating harmonic trap enjoys a one-to-one mapping to the complex Ginibre ensemble. This setup is equivalent to electrons in a magnetic field described by Landau levels. The mean, variance and higher order cumulants of the number of particles in a circular domain can be computed exactly for finite N and in three different large-N limits. In the bulk and at the edge of the spectrum the result is universal for a large class of rotationally invariant potentials. In the bulk the variance and entanglement entropy are proportional and satisfy an area law. The same universality can be proven for the quaternionic Ginibre ensemble and its corresponding generalisation. For the real Ginibre ensemble we determine the large-N limit at the origin and conjecture its universality in the bulk and at the edge.


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