Thu, 16 May 2024
12:00 - 13:00
​Doireann O'Kiely
University of Limerick

Mathematical modelling can support decontamination processes in a variety of ways.  In this talk, we focus on the contamination step: understanding how much of a chemical spill has seeped into the Earth or a building material, and how far it has travelled, are essential for making good decisions about how to clean it up.  

We consider an infiltration problem in which a chemical is poured on an initially unsaturated porous medium, and seeps into it via capillary action. Capillarity-driven flow through partially-saturated porous media is often modelled using Richards’ equation, which is a simplification of the Buckingham-Darcy equation in the limit where the infiltrating phase is much more viscous than the receding phase.  In this talk, I will explore the limitations of Richards equation, and discuss some scenarios in which predictions for small-but-finite viscosity ratios are very different to the Richards simplification.

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