Tue, 30 Apr 2024
16:00 - 17:00
Matteo Pagliero
KU Leuven

One possible version of the Kirchberg—Phillips theorem states that simple, separable, nuclear, purely infinite C*-algebras are classified by KK-theory. In order to generalize this result to non-simple C*-algebras, Kirchberg first restricted his attention to those that absorb the Cuntz algebra O2 tensorially. C*-algebras in this class carry no KK-theoretical information in a strong sense, and they are classified by their ideal structure alone. It should be mentioned that, although this result is in Kirchberg’s work, its full proof was first published by Gabe. In joint work with Gábor Szabó, we showed a generalization of Kirchberg's O2-stable theorem that classifies G-C*-algebras up to cocycle conjugacy, where G is any second-countable, locally compact group. In our main result, we assume that actions are amenable, sufficiently outer, and absorb the trivial action on O2 up to cocycle conjugacy. In very recent work, I moreover show that the range of the classification invariant, consisting of a topological dynamical system over primitive ideals, is exhausted for any second-countable, locally compact group.

In this talk, I will recall the classification of O2-stable C*-algebras, and describe their classification invariant. Subsequently, I will give a short introduction to the C*-dynamical working framework and present the classification result for equivariant O2-stable actions. Time permitting, I will give an idea of how one can build a C*-dynamical system in the scope of our classification with a prescribed invariant. 

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