Seminar series
Thu, 06 Jun 2024
Håvard Damm-Johnsen

The 12th of Hilbert's 23 problems posed in 1900 asks for an explicit description of abelian extensions of a given base field. Over the rationals, this is given by the exponential function, and over imaginary quadratic fields, by meromorphic functions on the complex upper half plane.  Darmon and Vonk's theory of rigid meromorphic cocycles, or "RM theory", includes conjectures giving a $p$-adic solution over real quadratic fields. These turn out to be closely linked to purely topological questions about intersections of geodesics in the upper half plane, and to $p$-adic deformations of Hilbert modular forms. I will explain an extension of results of Darmon, Pozzi and Vonk proving some of these conjectures, and some ongoing work concerning analogous results on Shimura curves.

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