Thu, 16 May 2024
Stirling Square, London, SW1Y 5AD
Julien Turc
BNP Paribas

A wide variety of solutions have been proposed in order to cope with the deficiencies of Modern Portfolio Theory. The ideal portfolio should optimise the investor’s expected utility. Robustness can be achieved by ensuring that the optimal portfolio does not diverge too much from a predetermined allocation. Information geometry proposes interesting and relatively simple ways to model divergence. These techniques can be applied to the risk budgeting framework in order to extend risk budgeting and to unify various classical approaches in a single, parametric framework. By switching from entropy to divergence functions, the entropy-based techniques that are useful for risk budgeting can be applied to more traditional, constrained portfolio allocation. Using these divergence functions opens new opportunities for portfolio risk managers. This presentation is based on two papers published by the BNP Paribas QIS Lab, `The properties of alpha risk parity’ (2022, Entropy) and `Turning tail risks into tailwinds’ (2020, The Journal of Portfolio Management).

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