Seminar series
Thu, 06 Jun 2024
17:00 - 18:00
Leo Gitin
University of Oxford

Does the limit construction for inverse systems of first-order structures preserve elementary equivalence? I will give sufficient conditions for when this is the case. Using Karp's theorem, we explain the connection between a syntactic and formal-semantic approach to inverse limits of structures. We use this to give a simple proof of van den Dries' AKE theorem (in ZFC), a general AKE theorem for mixed characteristic henselian valued fields with no assumptions on ramification. We also recall a seemingly forgotten result of Feferman, that can be interpreted as a "saturated" AKE theorem in positive characteristic: given two elementarily equivalent $\aleph_1$-saturated fields $k$ and $k'$, the formal power series rings $k[[t]]$ and $k'[[t]]$ are elementarily equivalent as well. We thus hope to popularise some ideas from categorical logic.

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