On hypergraph partitioning based ordering methods for sparse matrix factorization

Dr Bora Ucar
We will discuss the use of hypergraph-based methods for orderings of sparse matrices in Cholesky, LU and QR factorizations. For the Cholesky factorization case, we will investigate a recent result on pattern-wise decomposition of sparse matrices, generalize the result and develop algorithmic tools to obtain effective ordering methods. We will also see that the generalized results help us formulate the ordering problem in LU much like we do for the Cholesky case, without ever symmetrizing the given matrix $A$ as $A+A^{T}$ or $A^{T}A$. For the QR factorization case, the use of hypergraph models is fairly standard. We will nonetheless highlight the fact that the method again does not form the possibly much denser matrix $A^{T}A$. We will see comparisons of the hypergraph-based methods with the most common alternatives in all three cases. \\ \\ This is joint work with Iain S. Duff.
  • Computational Mathematics and Applications Seminar