Sobolev regularity for solutions of the Monge-Amp\`ere equation and application to the Semi-Geostrophic system

1 December 2011
I will talk about $W^{2,1}$ regularity for strictly convex Aleksandrov solutions to the Monge Amp\`ere equation \[ \det D^2 u =f \] where $f$ satisfies $\log f\in L^{\infty} $. Under the previous assumptions in the 90's Caffarelli was able to prove that $u \in C^{1,\alpha}$ and that $u\in W^{2,p}$ if $|f-1|\leq \varepsilon(p)$. His results however left open the question of Sobolev regularity of $u$ in the general case in which $f$ is just bounded away from $0$ and infinity. In a joint work with Alessio Figalli we finally show that actually $|D^2u| \log^k |D^2 u| \in L^1$ for every positive $k$. \\ If time will permit I will also discuss some question related to the $W^{2,1}$ stability of solutions of Monge-Amp\`ere equation and optimal transport maps and some applications of the regularity to the study of the semi-geostrophic system, a simple model of large scale atmosphere/ocean flows (joint works with Luigi Ambrosio, Maria Colombo and Alessio Figalli).
  • OxPDE Lunchtime Seminar