InFoMM Course Structure

The First Year

The CDT training is split into several phases:

  • Core Training, which will equip the students with the underpinning mathematical modelling, scientific computing and research skills necessary to undertake research at the interface with industry
  • Industrial Enrichment Programme 1, where students will interact with a large number of our partner companies to understand the grand challenges facing numerous sectors, alongside developing their teamworking, communication and project management skills
  • Specialist training, in which students will deepen their knowledge in a particular topic while undertaking modelling and computing case studies.
  • Industrial Enrichment Programme 2, where students will attend a Graduate Modelling Camp, a European Study Group with Industry, undertake specialist industrial training courses, and visit some of our partner companies
  • Mini-project phase, where students will be able to apply the knowledge they have gained in the previous phases to tackle two 10-week projects, at least one of which is based at a company
  • Alongside the training phases, students will also undertake skills training courses   

InFoMM 2017-2018 Calendar (click to enlarge)

Academic Courses

Mini-Projects & Research Projects

Industrial Enrichment Programmes

Skills Training

Years 2-4

Research project phase will span the last three years, during which each student will work on a particular mathematical problem addressing a company challenge. There will be further skills training courses.