Mini-Projects & Research Projects


Mini-projects run from April - September

  • Each student will complete two 10-week mini-projects at the end of the first year.
  • Each project will be supervised by an Oxford academic and a company researcher.
  • At least one mini-project will be undertaken at the company premises.
  • Mini-project topics will be presented during February and students will be collectively involved in the assignment of projects.
  • All research projects (see below) will have an associated mini-project.
  • We aim to have more mini-projects than required, in order to ensure students have choice.


Research Projects

Research projects run from October of year two and students work on them for three years

  • All InFoMM research projects involve working on an industrially-focused challenge.
  • Research projects span the expertise of our faculty.
  • Students are be expected to spend some time each year (about one month) at the premises of their partner company.
  • We will work with students individually to ensure they have an appropriate research project.


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