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Courses planned for 2021/22 Academic Year

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Courses in 2019/20 Academic Year


  • Stochastic Homogenization by Dr Ben Fehrman (University of Oxford). The notes can be found here 

All graduate students, post-docs and faculty are welcome to come to the mini-courses. If you aren't a member of Oxford University just email so we can arrange access. For University members access is generally via Teams and the links will be in the weekly mailout and on website. 

*N.B. Some events / courses were postponed due to Covid-19 and will hopefully be rescheduled*

Student Seminars

The student seminar takes place on Fridays at 11am in term-time. The seminar convenor will circulate details of the seminar programme each week and the OxPDE Research Group sends out a weekly News & Events mail-out. 

Other Seminars

There is a weekly PDE seminar in term time at 4pm on most Mondays.

There is also a lunchtime seminar series run at midday on Thursdays (following coffee at 11am)

The OxPDE also organises short lecture courses on various topics - click here for courses in 20/21 and beyond.

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