New geometric structures in scattering amplitudes

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In collaboration with the Clay Mathematics Institute and the EPSRC, Clay website.

Oxford, 22-25 September 2014

Recently, remarkable mathematical structures have emerged in the study of scattering amplitudes, revealing deep links to algebraic geometry, arithmetic and combinatorics. There have been many exciting dual representations of amplitudes including

  • polytopes, twistor diagrams and the positive grassmannian leading to the concept of the `amplituhedron,

  • polylogs, multizeta values and multiloop integrals,

  • Wilson loops and correlation functions, leading to hidden symmetries and integrability,

  • holomorphic strings in twistor and ambitwistor spaces,
  • asymptopia, holography and the BMS group.

Each of these disparate ideas and methods have their own remarkable successes, and indeed have led to important progress in related areas of mathematics. They also face obstacles that they need to overcome in order to become important tools in resolving the most important open conjectures in the field and for the explicit construction of amplitudes.  This workshop will bring together experts in the various strands in order to establish and consolidate their connections, to overcome the various obstacles. This will also be an opportunity to celebrate the work of Andrew Hodges on his 65th birthday.

Speakers: Tim Adamo, Nima Arkani-Hamed, Benjamin Basso, Nathan Berkovits, Francis Brown, Simon Caron-Huot, Louise Dolan, James Drummond, Yvonne Geyer, Michael Green, Paul Heslop, Andrew Hodges, Yutin Huang, Arthur Lipstein, Oliver Schlotterer, Jaroslav Trnka, Anastasia Volovich, Pedro Vieira, Pierre Vanhove, Lauren Williams.

Participants: Fernando Alday, Benjamin Basso, Jake Bourjailly, Philip Candelas, Eduardo Casali, Xenia de la Ossa, Louise Dolan, Graham Farmelo, Livia Ferro, Peter Goddard, Song He, Stephen Huggett, Andrey Kormilitzin, Allen Knutson, Andrei Kormilitizin, Kirill Krasnov, Arthur Lipstein, Tomek Lukowski, Carlos Mafra, Ricardo Monteiro, Roger Penrose, Ron Reid-Edwards,  Amit Sever, Ryo Suzuki, Ellis Yuan.

Location: The meeting will take place at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford. See this map for the location of our new Andrew Wiles Building.

Accommodation: Accommodation will be provided at St Peter's College.

Organisers: Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS Princeton), Andrew Hodges (Oxford), Lionel Mason (Oxford), Roger Penrose (Oxford), David Skinner (DAMTP, Cambridge). 

Enquiries:  Lionel Mason, Ricardo Monteiro, Ruth Preston.

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