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The Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology (WCMB) at the University of Oxford is part of the Mathematical Institute and was established in 1983 as the first centre of its kind in Britain. Under the directorship of Professor James D. Murray FRS, it was designed specifically to foster interdisciplinary research in the area. Since 1992, the WCMB has been under the leadership of Professor Philip K. Maini FRS. In 2005, Dr Ruth E. Baker was appointed the RCUK Fellow in Mathematical Biology and in 2010 she was appointed a University Lecturer in Mathematical Biology. In 2006, Dr Eamonn Gaffney was appointed as a University Lecturer in Mathematical Biology. Dr Derek Moulton was appointed University Lecturer in Mathematical Biology in 2012 and Professor Radek Erban holds a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. In October 2013 the CMB was renamed the Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology to acknowledge funding from the Wolfson Foundation.  In 2015, Professor Helen Byrne was appointed as a Faculty Member.

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Maria Bruna wins L'Oréal UK & Ireland Fellowship For Women in Science.

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Heather Harrington awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship

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