Steering Committee

Meets once a year to advise on the training, teaching, and overall alignment of the CDT, including scientific direction and end-user requirements. Current members:

Alan Bain (BNP Paribas)

John Ball (Oxford)

Luis Caffarelli (Texas)

Anthony Carbery (Edinburgh)

Gui-Qiang Chen (Oxford)

Simon Donaldson (Imperial) and (Stoneybrook)

Charles Elliott (Warwick)

Mike Giles (Oxford)

Nigel Hitchin (Oxford)

Terry Lyons (Oxford)

Philip Maini (Oxford)

James Norris (Cambridge)

Laure Saint-Raymond (École Normale Supérieure)

Endre Suli (Oxford)

Management Team

With the executive team this group gives a wider perspective, consisting of experienced members of the University and meets as and when required.

Executive Team

The executive team manage the Centre on a day to day basis, consisting of the CDT Directors, the Cohort Mentor and the CDT Administrator.




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