Prof Gui-Qiang G Chen


Prof Endre Suli

Cohort Mentors

2014 Yves Capdeboscq

2015 Jan Kristensen

2016 Luc Nguyen

2017 Melanie Rupflin

2018 Gregory Seregin (until 2019)

2019 Jan Joachim Sbierski 


Industrial Liaison

Yves Capdeboscq (until 2020)

Gui-Qiang Chen and Endre Suli (from 2020)

Current & Past Students

2014 Cohort

2015 Cohort

2016 Cohort

2017 Cohort 

2018 Cohort (current)

Potential Supervisors

Charles Batty (Functional Analysis)

Dmitry Belyaev (Complex Analysis and Probability)

Philip Candelas FRS (Mathematical Physics)

Gui-Qiang Chen (PDEs, Analysis and Fluid Me­chanics)

Samuel Cohen (Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance)

Andrew Dancer (Differential Geometry)

Alison Etheridge FRS (Stochastic Analysis, also Department of Statistics)

Patrick Farrell (PDEs and Numerical Analysis)

Benjamin Fehrman* (PDEs and Probability)

Alain Goriely (Mathematical Modelling)

Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali* (Stochastic Analysis and Numerical Analysis)

Ben Hambly (Stochastic Analysis)

Sam Howison (Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Finance & Economics)

Dominic Joyce FRS (Geometry and Topology)

David Kay (Computational Biology)

Alexander Korsunsky (Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering)

Jan Kristensen (PDEs and Analysis)

Marc Lackenby (Topology)

Terry Lyons FRS (Stochastic Analysis)

Philip Maini FRS (Mathematical Biology)

Lionel Mason (Mathematical Physics)

Irene Moroz (Predictability of Weather and Climate)

Andreas Münch (Mathematical Modelling)

Marek Musiela (Quantitative Finance)

Luc Nguyen (PDEs and Differential Geometry)

Harald Oberhauser (PDEs and Stochastic Analysis)

Tim Palmer (Predictability of Weather and Climate)

Zhongmin Qian (PDEs and Stochastic Analysis)

Melanie Rupflin (PDEs and Differential Geometry)

Gregory Seregin (PDEs and Fluid Mechanics)

Endre Suli (PDEs and Numerical Analysis)

Qian Wang (PDEs and General Relativity)

Shengguo Zhu* (PDEs in fluid dynamics and General relativity)

* Signifies a JRF or Post-doc who can supervise a mini-project or be co-supervisor for the main research project.

Management Structure



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