Hysteresis, Avalanches and Interfaces in Solid Phase Transformations

Hysteresis, Avalanches and Interfaces in Solid Phase Transformations

L3, Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building, Oxford

In recent years there has been significant progress in the experimental and theoretical understanding of solid phase transformations, as exemplified by the recent systematic search for and discovery of ultra-low hysteresis alloys that can be thermally cycled millions of times with negligible damage. In these materials and others,  the transformation involves interfaces between the high temperature austenite phase and complex microstructures of the low temperature martensitic phase. The formation of such microstructures is accompanied by avalanches of acoustic emissions. Compatibility of the parent and product phases is both a crucial element in understanding these phenomena, and leads to deep unsolved mathematical questions.

The objective of the conference is to further advance the constructive interplay between theory and experiment on these topics, bringing together both leading experts and early career researchers.



Pierluigi Cesana (Kyushu University, Australia branch)

New models for the space-time evolution of martensitic microstructure

HAI Slides - PC.pdf

Xian Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Study of the compatibility conditions for low-hysteresis materials 

Karin A Dahmen (University of Illinois)

Universal slip statistics: From compressed nanocrystals to earthquakes

Tomonari Inamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Formation process of incompatible martensite microstructure in shape memory alloy

Richard D James (University of Minnesota)

Puzzles and open questions on hysteresis and the reversibility of phase transformations

HAI Slides - RJ.pdf

Konstantinos Koumatos (Gran Sasso Science Institute)

On the morphology of lath martensite in steels via energy minimisation

Kirsten Martens (University Joseph Fourier Grenoble 1)

Driving rate dependence of avalanche statistics and shapes in athermally driven yield stress materials

Antoni Planes (University of Barcelona)

Avalanche criticality in externally driven materials

HAI Slides - AP.pdf

Eckhard Quandt (Kiel University)

Ultra-low fatigue of elastocaloric NiTiCu-based thin films

Angkana Ruland (University of Oxford)

On the Emergence of Surface Energies in a Microscopic, Two-Dimensional
Two-Well Problem

HAI Slides - AR.pdf

Hanuš Seiner (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)

Interfaces and pattern formation in ω-transitions

HAI Slides - HS.pdf

Aaron Stebner (Colorado School of Mines)

Studying the micromechanics of martensitic phase transformations using high energy diffraction microscopy

Eduard Vives (University of Barcelona)

Distribution of domain sizes in martensitic microstructures: a simple geometrical model with kinematic constraints

HAI Slides - EV.pdf

Giovanni Zanzotto (University of Padova)

Strain intermittency in shape-memory alloys

HAI Slides - GZ.pdf

Conference Dinner

Will take place at Green Templeton College at 7pm on Tuesday 20 September.

Poster Session

Will take place from 5.00pm on Monday 19 September with brief talks followed by drinks and posters.

Support for Early Career Researchers

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Has now closed. Should you be interested in attending one/ some of the talks please e-mail @email 



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