Post-production in Panopto

The suggestions here are illustrated in the sample video.


It is good practice to include captions on videos, for accessibility, as this can help a range of viewers. Panopto will automatically generate captions, which you will then need to edit to correct any issues.  The amount of editing required will depend on a variety of factors, such as sound quality, accent and clarity of speech, and the quantity of maths.

For information about how to import automatic captions, and how to edit them, see .

Preview image

You can choose the preview image that will show for your video.  This might be your title slide, or something else that helps the viewer to see what the video will be about.  Panopto will automatically select an image (your first PowerPoint slide, or an image from just after the start of recording).  If Panopto doesn’t automatically use the image you want, then it easy to select your own.  See

Table of contents

After you have made your video, it is straightforward to create a “table of contents” within Panopto, which means the viewer can click on a heading and jump straight to that point in the video.  If your video is relatively long, then this might be particularly helpful: you could pick out the start of a new section, or key definitions/theorems.  See


It is straightforward to include a short text description of a video within Panopto, for example summarising the content or indicating the relevant section of the notes. See

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