Recording a Panopto presentation in Linux

Unfortunately there is no Panopto Recorder available for Linux, so the only option is to capture a video and then upload it to the Lecture Capture site via "Create -> Upload Media" on the Lecture Capture Website. It is also possible to record on a smartphone, for example recording audio together with writing by hand on a piece of paper.

If you wanted to create a recording of PDF slides on Linux with spoken audio, then you could use the application called Kazam together with a microphone. That can then create a .mp4 video file that you can upload to Panoto as described above. You could use guvcview to show your webcam image on the screen together with slides and thus capture yourself in video and audio via kazam too.

If, on the other hand, you wanted to record live handwriting, say with a USB Visualiser, then you could use the software OBS Studio to record the video stream and then also upload it to Panopto as above.

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