Remote access to Windows Terminal Server

You may want a remote windows session to access applications that are not on the Linux session or to work remotely if you normally use a departmental Windows desktop.

Remote Access Portal

Using a web browser:

  • Resize the browser window to the desktop size you would like for your remote session. [Any resizing of the browser window done after connection will only rescale what you see and not provide more remote desktop area]
  • Visit the remote access portal (RAP)
  • Login with your usual departmental IT account details
  • Select the machine you wish to connect to from the list that appears
  • In the session login window that appears, login with your usual departmental IT account details

A full windows session will now appear within the browser window (very similar to the session you would get if you logged in directly to a departmental Windows desktop).

​Please note that if you use RAP from Windows then you could see the Windows start menu bar twice, which could be confusing. The bottom one would be your local machine one and the top one the remote desktop. So to start any applications please use the top bar. If you are using Google Chrome, you can press F11 for it to maximise which will then cover the whole screen including your local bar. To return to your local desktop you can press F11 again.

When finished remember to use the session logout button to end the session and then close the browser/browser tab.

If you do not logout of the remote session and simply close the browser window, then the session will continue to run on the server and you can reconnect to it when desired simply by revisiting RAP and choosing the same machine.

From a Departmental Linux Desktop

Within a Linux session (to use alongside Linux applications)

Two easy ways to start a session on the windows terminal server are:

  • from a terminal window run the command wts
  • from the menu in the top panel select Applications -> Internet -> Maths Windows Terminal Server

Fullscreen session from the main Login Screen

You can access the WTS directly from the login screen of any departmental Linux desktop system, by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Gnome foot icon in the login window to reveal the list of possible sessions. Click on the Windows Terminal Server session to select that.
  2. Now enter your Maths username, and password as normal
  3. You will be presented with the Windows Terminal Server login screen.
  4. Log in using the same credentials as before.

Note it will save the windows terminal server login setting as your default so if next time you login you wish to have a normal Linux session you need to select the option Gnome Classic.

Adding printers for use from WTS

From the start menu select run, in the box that appears enter \\print0 and press enter. A window listing all the printers will appear. Double click any printers you wish to add.



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