Working remotely as if in the department

An easy way to work remotely (almost as if in the department using a departmental desktop) is:
  • open a web browser, and typically make the window full screen
  • login at
  • choose the Windows Remote Access or Linux Remote Access as appropriate (or if you have a more computation workload then expand those sections and choose a specific compute machine)
This will then present you with a full desktop session just as if you were sat at a computer in the department. The session is running on a machine in the department and simply displayed back to you via the web browser. So you can now work with the usual applications inside the browser window just as if you were sat at your desk.
If you use the Zimbra web interface for email then you can access that directly from home via another browser tab by logging in at . If you use a desktop application for email when in the department then you can start that application inside the RAP browser window and use it as normal.
If you need to use Teams then you need to run that locally on your home device (i.e. not inside the RAP browser window). You can either install the Teams client on your home machine or just use the web based client by logging in at

You may also wish to see the list of ways to remotely access various facilities.

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