Getting LaTeX for Use on Your Own PC


Overleaf is a web based  online (collaborative) LaTeX solution. The standard service is free to use, although one can pay a monthly subscription to get access to additional features (e.g. more than 1 collaborator per document, Dropbox or Git file sync, tracked changes and versioning). As of October 2020 department members with email accounts (i.e. staff and Dphil students) now have access to the licensed features covered by a departmental license (shared with Computer Science).

Being web based you just need a computer with modern web browser, no need to install LaTeX packages, editors etc.

LaTeX Distributions

The department uses TexLive on Linux systems, MacTeX (TexLive based system) on Apple Mac systems, and MikTeX for Windows.

Text Editors for use with LaTeX

For a postscript printing/viewing package for windows see GSView.