Letter Writing with LaTeX

Using the Standard Letter Class

This is described in the LaTeX book by Leslie Lamport and others. A basic example of its use is

\address{12 The Street \\ Oxford \\ OX1 1AA}
\signature{My Signature line}
\begin{letter}{M. Renault \\ Sorbonne \\ Paris}
\opening{Dear Sir,}

.... text of the letter ....

\closing{Yours faithfully}

Additional commands you may use include

\cc{Jane Jones}
\encl{My newest poem}

which can be put after the closing but before the end letter to list those the letter has been cc'ed to and any documents enclosed.

The Departmental oxmathletter LaTeX class

The Department has produced an official letter head in MS Word format using the latest university branding.

A LaTeX letter class, File oxmathletter.cls (installed by default on the maths Linux and Mac systems), has been written that aims to implement the letter head for use in LaTeX (note the department has subsequently changed the Word version but there are no resources to rework this LaTeX class at this point in time). The university branding uses a commercial font, Foundry Sterling Book, for the header and footer text on official documents. This class, logo image and font are all integrated into the LaTeX installation by default on the departmental Linux and Macintosh systems.

The template/document class should only be used for approved official departmental business.

Here is an File example LaTeX file demonstrating how to use the oxmathletter LaTeX class. The class is for use with PDFLaTeX or XeLaTeX to produce a PDF document. This is PDF icon a PDF produced from the example.

Other Letter Classes

Some examples of other LaTeX letter classes written for universities include: