Clearing your IE8 browser cache

This document describes the process of clearing your Internet Explorer 8 cache - i.e. Temporary Internet Files, browsing history and Cookies.

Note:  You can click on any of the screenshots below to enlarge for futher detail.

  1. Start IE8, go to any web page, e.g.  and click Tools->Internet options.
  2. The "Internet Options" dialog should appear.  Under the general tab, under the section "Browsing history" click "Delete".
  3. The "Delete Browsing History" dialog appears.  Check the boxes you want to remove.  In this case, we uncheck "Preserve Favourites website data" (just in case your page is in your favourites), and check "Temporary Internet files", "Cookies" and "InPrivate Filtering data".  When you're happy, click "Delete".

  4. Close all these windows.  Your browsing history/cache/cookies have all been removed.


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