Editing your Personal Information through the Web

You can edit almost all your personal information held by the department yourself. The following procedure describes how it is done

Please note, that none of your information will appear publicly on the web unless you specify in the "Personal information" section that you would like to "Publish data on the web" (you have to select "yes" there).

1. First login to the departmental website. Having logged in you will have a ribbon across the top of the page with your name at the left hand end and several options below it (view profile, edit profile, logout). Click on the 'edit profile' option which will take you into a form to edit the details on your profile.


2. Now scroll through the various sections adding or updating info. Pay attention to the hints and guidance below boxes (e.g. the ones that explain to leave a box blank unless you want the default info on your page to be overridden) Screenshot
3. Finally scroll to the bottom and click on save. Screenshot

Remember that your profile page will only appear on the website for others to see if you set the Data protection consent to Yes (in the Personal Information tab).

Country of origin info is currently only used in an anonymised form for the maps and flags diversity display.

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