Mathematical Institute Room Booking

Booking Policy Summary, Aug 2017


The Andrew Wiles Building is an iconic new building in Oxford, home to Oxford Mathematics and the research and teaching activity of the Department.  In addition, the Department wishes to exploit the potential of the Building for reaching out to a variety of external audiences, and for generating revenue which is vital in underpinning the Department’s academic endeavour.  The Department will continue to exploit the potential of the Andrew Wiles Building in this way, whilst managing this alongside its own academic demands on the building and obligations to the wider University.  

Outline of Process

Within term-time (weeks 0-9 inclusive) all teaching rooms on the mezzanine level are initially reserved for core Departmental events such as lectures, seminars and classes.  For periods outside term-time Department members are given first option on reserving rooms for other Departmental events: each summer Department members will be given the opportunity to reserve rooms for the academic year three years hence.  In order to cater for Departmental events which cannot be anticipated this far ahead, and for reasons of security, some additional rooms will be reserved for exclusively Departmental use.  Some further rooms will be reserved for Departmental use for certain periods during the Long Vacation, but will be released for other use if not booked for Departmental events by the previous summer.  Further detail is given in the full room booking policy.

Within these constraints the Department’s Events Team will work to maximise external impact and revenue from other events, alongside the Department’s obligations to the rest of the University.

How to make a booking

Any Department member may request a booking at any time by emailing or by visiting the room booking calendar.  Any such requests will be dealt with according to the protocols detailed in the full policy (below). 

Department members should remain alert to email circulars inviting them to reserve rooms for particular periods.

Full Policy

See the full room booking policy in the policies section of the site.