MSc in Mathematical and Computational Finance - Course calendar

Michaelmas Term

September 25th - 29th (week -1) MSc Induction Week
October 2nd - 6th (week 0) College and Department Induction and further careers events
October 9th - December 5th Lectures and classes on core courses
December 6th (Wed Week 9 at noon) Release of take home online exam on Core Statistics
December 8th (Fri week 9 at noon) Deadline for submission of take home online exam on Core Statistics
December 9th to the beginning of January Christmas Vacation

Hilary Term

January 10th and 11th  (Wed, Thurs week 0) Exams on MT core courses (Papers A and B)
January 12th (Fri week 0) Computer based online exam-Financial Computing with C++ 1
January 15th - March 15th  Lectures and classes on compulsory and elective courses
February 19th to March 8th (weeks 6, 7 & 8) Financial Computing with C++ 2 lectures and practical sessions
March 8th  (Fri week 8)  Computer based online exam - Financial Computing with C++ 2
March 18th (Monday Week 10 at noon) Release of Deep Learning take home paper
March 20nd  (Wednesday week 10 at noon)  Deadline for Deep Learning take home paper 
March 16th to April 7th   Easter Vacation 

Trinity Term

April 10th and 11th (Wed, Thurs week -1)    Written exam on HT core courses (Paper C) and on HT elective courses (Paper D)
April 12th  Internships to start 

June 28th noon (Fri week 10) 

Dissertations deadline

Week 13 (wk commencing 15th July) Examiners' Meeting


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