Representation and Support

Departmental Support - Supervisors

MSc students will be assigned a departmental supervisor who acts as an advisor on all academic matters. A student's area of interest will be taken into account when assigning a supervisor. For advice on pastoral matters, MSc students can consult their college tutor. For further information, please refer to the course handbook.


University Support

Centrally, the University offers a large amount of support for its students. This includes the Disability Advisory Service, the Student Resolution Service and counselling, as well as advice on health, harassment and what to do in an emergency. Further information on the services available can be found here.



There are a number of student societies run across the Mathematical Sciences which aim to promote a social environment within the departments. At the Mathematical Institute, we have the Invariant society and the Mirzakhani society, as well as LGBTQubed. Additionally, there are over 200 clubs and societies at Oxford, with a full list available here.


Feedback on Part C Courses

Students are encouraged to provide feedback to the department on the lecture courses they attend. The questionnaires normally will be circulated during the last couple of weeks of term for both lectures and classes. Online versions of these questionnaires for the Mathematical Institute can be found here.


OMMS Supervisory Committee

The OMMS Supervisory Committee is responsible for overseeing the course. In addition to the Course Director and members of faculty in Mathematics and Statistics, the committee consists of two student representatives: one OMMS student and one fourth-year MURC representative.

PDF icon Standing Orders


Consultative Committee for Graduates (CCG)

The CCG is composed of representatives from the various postgraduate courses at the Mathematical Institute, as well as the Directors of Graduate Studies. The committee meets once a term to discuss issues raised by graduates, including syllabus, teaching and facilities. Further information can be found here.


Joint Consultative Committee with Undergraduates (JCCU)

This committee is the main forum for discussions between the department and undergraduate students about matters concerning the undergraduate courses.  The committee consists of student representatives from the Mathematical Institute and the Department of Statistics. The committee is chaired by the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the secretary to the committee is one of the undergraduate members. The committee meets once a term and minutes of the meetings are made available to all students at the following link.


Mathematics Undergraduate Representative Committee (MURC)

MURC is composed of a representative from each college and an elected executive committee.  MURC holds regular meetings during term to discuss issues connected to the academic organisation of the undergraduate courses. Any undergraduate can raise an issue through their college's MURC representative.  Further information, including minutes, can be found here.


Reports of Good Practice Consultations

The department's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee has carried out a number of surveys on matters relating to teaching.  You can find reports on the outcome of those consultations here.