Visiting Professorships, Research Fellowships & Lectureships

Note if you have found yourself on this page but have external fellowship funding and wish to base your fellowship here then please contact the research facilitation team instead.

Visiting Professors, Research Fellows and Lecturers are people external to Oxford University whose contribution to the department extends beyond the normal range of academic collaboration. They may be on sabbatical, secondment or leave from their home institutions; much more commonly though their involvement with the department is occasional day visits and remote collaboration. They are not remunerated by the department.

Appointments are made by the Department Committee and are typically for 3 years in the first instance with the opportunity for extension thereafter. 

Applicants wishing to apply for the conferred title of ‘Visiting Research Fellow’ should begin with the usual visitor application form. For any enquiries please contact the visitor coordinator @email, although you can also ask Keith Gillow for guidance on this too.

Applicants wishing to apply for the conferred title of ‘Visiting Research Professor’ will need to seek divisional approval as explained on the MPLS website.

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