Academic Visitors and Affiliates to the Mathematical Institute

Academics inviting visitors to the Mathematical Institute are required to complete the online application form in advance. The form must be completed for all prospective visitors who will be carrying out some form of activity (either in a paid or unpaid capacity).  Within the form you can indicate if your visitor needs a formal invitation letter - in which case it will be provided only once the application has been approved.

Please be aware if your visitor needs a visa or ATAS certificate then it typically take them several months to go through the process to obtain one. Such a person cannot be permitted to work in the building until these are in place and so it is important to plan ahead and submit visitor applications well in advance!

Applications should be submitted sufficiently in advance, the longer the visit or more complicated prerequisites then more important it is to allow more time. Applications submitted with less than 1 weeks notice may be rejected as this does not allow sufficient time for them to be properly processed and arrangements put in place consistently and robustly.

Academics must also complete the application form to sponsor affiliates for whom the Mathematical Institute will be their primary department - e.g. college JRFs and externally contracted research fellows (e.g. Newton International Fellow, SNSF Fellow).

Please also be aware when someone visits via the department visitor processes, or through the academic administration recognised student processes, there is a confirmation of arrival process that must be followed. That processes enables the department to welcome the individual, complete a brief confirmation of arrival form, take copies of any visa or ATAS certificate where required, provide the individual with any relevant access cards and/or IT accounts, cover necessary induction information, and show the individual around the building and to their desk as appropriate. It is essential this process is followed, and the necessary records kept, in order to comply with university and government guidances and rules.


Outside of formal visits there will of course be many academic collaboration with those based at other institutions. In most cases a collaboration requires no special access or facilities for the involved parties at the other institution. Such collaborators simply interact electronically and might attend the other institution for meetings and interactions from time to time. In some cases, however, you may wish to request additional facilities to be granted to a collaborator.

Single day visitors, e.g. seminar speakers, typically require no facilities from the department. If your invited speaker does require departmental facilities (e.g. visitor card for building/room access or desk space), they will need to be recorded as a visitor which means the visitor application must be submitted, processed and approved. It is usually disproportionate effort to do this for someone who is only coming to see people for 1-2 days and will spend almost all their time in the building hosted by others.


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