Chris Uren & Tom Crawford - Tattoos

Chris Uren & Tom Crawford - Tattoos


These photos, taken by Christopher Uren, show a selection of the mathematical tattoos of Tom Crawford. 

Clockwise from top left:

The position of the Navier-Stokes equations on the ribs allows them to move freely with the motion of the body, much like the flowing of the liquids they model.

A personal homage to the subject of maths. The vivid colours signify the brightness that maths brings to the world.  

Euler's identity combines five of the most important mathematical constants into a single elegant equation, and as such is described by many as 'the most beautiful equation' in maths.

The lines represent the first seven terms in the Basel Problem, up to the final limiting value of Pi squared over 6, which is shown as a dashed line. The distances between successive lines is to scale, as is the thickness of the lines.


Christopher is an Mathematics Undergraduate in the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. Tom is a tutor at St Hugh's, St John's, and St Edmund Hall Colleges, Univrsity of Oxford.

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