Information for attendees


There are two disabled parking spaces located adjacent to the northern entrance to the Andrew Wiles building. For  more details and maps see departmental travel and maps information. To help us manage the spaces it will be helpful if you can let the conference organiser/events team (@email; 01865 615164) know in advance where possible if you need to use a space.

To reach the lecture theatres (for those who cannot manage stairs): pass the through the large glass doors nearest reception and access the lifts to go to the mezzanine (-1) level. The reception staff can release the door lock and/or escort occasional visitors. Regular building users will have card access. The doors are not powered.

To reach the lower levels of the lecture theatres for seating at the front or to teach there are individual platform lifts located down corridors alongside the theatre - as these lifts are ‘behind the scenes’ you will need to be escorted to them (unless you have card access). Please arrange access via the events team in advance where possible, or otherwise ask reception staff.

For those who can manage stairs: the lecture theatres are located in the basement and can be reached by the large staircase leading off the main lobby area.

An interactive guide to the building, including floor plans, is available.

Hearing loop

There is an induction hearing loop system installed in all mezzanine floor teaching rooms and lecture theatres and one on the reception desk. The hearing loop provides a signal that is picked up by the hearing aid when it is set to ‘T’ (Teslacoil) setting.

Those lecturing in L1/L2/L3 should be aware that they need to stand close to the lectern or use the lapel microphone in order to ensure that their voice is picked up by the hearing loop system. If you have any difficulties with the hearing loop system please make the lecturer/event organiser/events team aware.


There are large male and female toilet facilities at either end of the mezzanine floor. There are also gender-neutral accessibility toilets near these male/female toilets as well as gender-neutral toilets accessible to all just inside core 2 and 3 (i.e. in the big grey ‘columns’ on either side of the cafe area which straddle all floors and also house the lifts).


Those visiting the building should please feel free to feed their baby whenever and wherever they wish. We have a quiet room that can be used for those wishing to breastfeed if they would like. Please liaise with your event organiser, the events team (@email; 01865 615164), or ask at reception.

Dietary requirements

Our catering team will aim to meet all dietary requirements. Attendees should inform their event organiser of these.


We may be able to provide a quiet room for those wishing to pray if they would like. Please liaise with the event organiser/events team (@email; 01865 615164) to assess options.

Financial assistance for attendance at Mathematics conferences for those with caring responsibilities

We wish to encourage attendance at Mathematics conferences and events by all, and recognise that such attendance can impose additional burdens on those with parental or other caring responsibilities. The department provides awards of up to £200 to contribute towards the additional costs of care incurred due to attending a departmental activity/event - e.g. for visiting us to speak at a maths seminar or conference.


Further suggestions which would improve the experience of those attending events are welcomed. Please make suggestions to @email, or leave a note in the ‘suggestions’ box at reception.

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