First Aid and Wellbeing Rooms

There are first aid and wellbeing rooms that provide a private spaces for a variety of purposes such as

  • basic first aid
  • breast feeding or breast milk expressing (and freezing)
  • basic treatment or procedures for some conditions (e.g. you might need to do some sort of physio or be able to sit in a quiet space for 30 minutes per day)

If needed, please see the separate information on baby changing.

The rooms are located on the ground floor, South Wing (Rooms S0.30 and  S0.31). The rooms are furnished with a couch, table and chairs and has a First Aid kit and also a telephone. It is close to the core 5 kitchenette (where there is hot/cold water, a fridge etc) and WCs. Within one of the rooms there is also a small freezer if needed. They are available for use by anyone in need. They can be used as a private space for breast-feeding etc. All First Aiders, Mental Health First Aiders and events staff have access. If you feel unwell please contact Reception, who will contact a First Aider, or contact a First Aider.

If you regularly need to use the rooms for other purposes (e.g. breast feeding) then contact @email and access to that room can be added to your card (if you are a short term academic visitor without a university card then reception can issue a card to enable you to access the room). If you are a conference or event guest who may need to use this facility please make contact with the event organiser or events team in advance who can then talk through your requirements and facilitate access or other facilities as appropriate.

Following the above steps ensures a first aider is aware the room is in use and that proper supervision and regular checks are made as necessary, or for other purposes that those that are using the room are recorded.

There is further information about this room in the health and safety information and information on first aid.

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