Mathematical and Computational Finance Advisory Board

Headshot of Ms Hannah Assayag


Ms Hannah Assayag, Managing Director, HSBC



Headshot of Dr Katia Babbar


Dr Katia Babbar, Co-Founder, Immersive Finance 





Dr Hans Buehler, CEO, XTX Markets



Headshot of Dr Aytac Ilhan


Dr Aytac Ilhan, Managing Director, Barclays



Headshot of Ms Hannah Maidment


Ms Hannah Maidment, Quant Trader, JPMorgan Chase & Co. 
(MSc alumnus)


Headshot of Dr Paul McCloud


Dr Paul McCloud, Managing Director, Nomura



Headshot of Dr Ben Nasatyr


Dr Ben Nasatyr, Head of FX Quantitative Analysis, Citi



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