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Induction packs

We provide every new member of staff with a comprehensive induction pack, containing useful information that you can refer to throughout your time with us. You can browse online, and we'll also give you a hard copy when you arrive. From time to time these information packs are updated, so you can refer to them in the future for the most up-to-date information on departmental policies and how-to guides.

All staff

Apply for National Insurance.pdf

How to Use Our Employee Assistance Programme.pdf

Out of Hours Access to the Andrew Wiles Building.pdf

Microsoft Outlook Instructions for New Users.pdf

An Introduction to Skilled Worker and Tier 5 Visas.pdf

Professional Services Staff

What do we do at the MI.pdf

Research staff

Career Development Reviews for Researchers.pdf

Code of Practice for the Employment and Career Development of Research Staff.pdf

Setting Up REF Open Access.pdf

University Research Integrity Training.pdf

Academic staff

MPLS Division Review and Reappointment Procedures for Academic Staff.pdf

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