Remote Access to IT Services

This page aims to list the most common forms of remote access to different services within the department with links to further information as required. The listings are typically in order of ease of use, the first being the easiest although the other options may have different benefits at the expense of some ease.


Note this is typically a full remote session in which you can run any application, including accessing your email and files, as if in the department

To use applications available on the maths systems options include:


To access your email remotely options include:

  • Access via a web browser - easy to do, requires just a web browser and no special setup
  • IMAPS and SMTP connection - uses a normal mail client, e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook, pine etc and can give you more functionality than a web only interface
  • Use a graphical or text based session as listed for applications above


To get at your files remotely options include:


Access to many journals is restricted to computers within the university. If you are outside the university you need suitably tunnelled remote access:

  • SOLO (replaces OxLip+) - use your university Single-Sign-On credentials to access this page from outside the university and gain access to journal resources
  • Google Scholar Find it @ Oxford - Links to full text of available articles generated automatically for Oxford users (if outside OU internet domain, set Oxford as member library in your Google Scholar preferences)
  • Run a complete remote session as described above for applications. The web browser running in the remote session is then of course within the university and can access the online journals
  • Make a VPN connection - this routes your network connection via the department and thus allows access to online journals